Adam feels under pressure, with both parents confiding in him.

Radio Times: Adam faces an uncertain future.

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  • Bert is at pains to point out to Alan that image is everything these days, hence his search for the right dress for a Lower Loxley Guide. He is resigned to spending his recent Premium Bond win on clothes (before Freda gets to hear of it!) and Alan agrees to help him choose.
  • Adam finds Brian in despair, looking at a picture of Ruairidh; he recognises that this is the son Brian always wanted.
  • Lynda apologises to Bert if she was a bit blunt with her criticism yesterday but all is quickly forgotten as they discuss with Alan and Shula their ideas for the churchyard.
  • Brian explains to Adam that he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to go to Ireland but Jenny will not have it and he daren’t push her. But he cannot desert Ruairidh and Siobhán; they have never needed him more. Adam is sympathetic but refuses to be drawn in. It is something for Brian and mum to sort out between them such that they can both live with the consequences.
  • Alan helps Bert to choose things he would never have chosen himself. Bert is pleased with the result and only a pound over budget.
  • Adam is glad to get home and relax with Ian. The more his parents confide in him the more he is afraid of betraying their confidence. He ducked out of asking mum about her meeting with Elizabeth. Ian wonders whether he should tell Debbie. If their marriage doesn’t survive, neither will the farm. It is deadlock: if Siobhán dies he cannot see Brian giving Ruairidh up or Jennifer taking him on.

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