Jennifer is sure that Niamh going to visit Siobhán is a good sign.

Radio Times: Jennifer starts clutching at straws.

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  • Adam is off the cricket due to an injured ankle. But at least he can spend some time with Jennifer instead. Jennifer doesn’t think it’s necessary. Brian hasn’t said anymore about going to see Siobhán but Jennifer doesn’t know what she’ll do if she does. In the meantime she is trying to be calm about him staying in touch by phone. Brian and Adam are still squabbling about the future of the farm which doesn’t help.
  • The cricket is going well against Darrington though, especially thanks to Barry and Kev. Shula is really enjoying getting back into it! Despite a few upsets they win through.
  • Brian and Jennifer still aren’t seeing eye to eye when left alone. She wants to know how Siobhán is but doesn’t want the details about what is happening and what that means. Siobhán isn’t feeling quite so sick but she hasn’t had the chemo this week. Jennifer is still convinced that Niamh is the answer to the problem, especially now she is going to visit. Jennifer is sure that’s a good sign.

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