Susan gets the green light from the PO; Caroline has a month to come up with an offer for Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Susan gets some bittersweet news.

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  • Susan finds Brenda attending to the hens, though she was really looking for Neil to tell him – that she has been offered to the Post Office job. The news triggers a few tears from Brenda but her mum would hate things to grind to a halt. Brenda should be going back to university today; she feels she is letting her mum down because she would always soldier on.
  • Tom needs to find some office time today to work on a new idea; he is keeping mum with mum but has a meeting with Brian tomorrow. Pat also has an idea to sell more organic vegetables – pack and grade their own brand and sell to the supermarket. Good luck!
  • Susan takes her good news to Peggy and Jack, who in his confusion thought they were going to sell the shop and he nearly gives away his intentions about Grey Gables. Susan will resign from The Laurels today; she could start next week but needs to do a training course for the Post Office first.
  • Tom is not too busy to receive a call from Brenda who was going bonkers at home. He assures her that it will get better; just hang in. She has an idea for his proposed mobile sausage stall – “Tom Archer’s Gourmet Grill”.
  • Caroline also calls on Jack and Peggy to assure them that she and Oliver are serious about buying Grey Gables. Jack is delighted but he cannot wait indefinitely; they will allow Caroline a month during which time she will have the chance to match any offer that comes in.

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