Caroline reveals to Sid and Jolene, without explanation, that she must sell her share in The Bull.

Radio Times: Mike looks to remember the past.

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  • Sid and Jolene cannot think why Caroline needs a chat with them but they will soon know; Jolene asks very directly what this is all about. Caroline explains that she wishes, indeed is duty bound, to give them first refusal on her share of The Bull. If they cannot or will not buy it, then in 14 days she will seek a buyer elsewhere. How will they get hold of so much money? Caroline has a valuation of £500K and she owns 51%. There is no other way and she really cannot tell them why she has a sudden need to sell.
  • Alan calls on Mike and finds him sitting in the garden, in spite of the cold. He has been thinking about a memorial to Betty. She often dreamt of planting something exotic in the garden but would settle for an apple tree. So that’s what he will do – scatter her ashes in the garden and plant an apple tree.
  • Sid and Jolene are confused and angry. Why doesn’t she sell the Dower House or part of Grange Farm? They will give it a go; they will talk to the bank and seek a ‘friendly’ investor otherwise they fear they will kiss goodbye to their independence.
  • Caroline feels bad about the meeting, so unburdens herself on Shula. Until Jack’s plans are public knowledge, she cannot tell them more; she will talk to Jack and Peggy and ask for more time. Shula also has a burden – Alan and Usha, the vicar and a Hindu. Caroline recalls her experience with Robin, for whom God was at the centre of his life. Shula realises she must tread carefully: Usha has never forgiven her for her affair with Usha’s former partner, Richard.

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