Susan is busy with recipes. Clarrie is working on being busy again. Peggy renews her interest in Elona’s troubles.

Radio Times: Clarrie begs a favour and Chris is on the scrounge.

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  • With Jack asleep, Peggy seeks an opportunity for a chat with Elona, who is keen to hear all about the prize-winning brooch. Elona pours out her troubles. She is a country girl at heart but is moving to the city to improve Daryl’s chances of work. He is a good man who got in with the wrong group. Who will employ him now, after being in prison?
  • Susan is full of her forthcoming role as hostess for the book club, especially all the canapés she is trying out. Eventually Clarrie gets a word in edgeways and asks about the vacancy for a volunteer in the shop. She needs to talk to Jill who, Susan is sure, will be delighted to have another volunteer.
  • Christopher is a ready guinea-pig for Susan’s culinary experiments and so, it seems, has Joe been – never far away when there is free food on offer. When Clarrie returns it is to report that Jill was indeed delighted and gave Clarrie such a welcome that it has really cheered her up. Susan promises till-training tomorrow. Jennifer was right: we should not break the habit of work.
  • Elona apologises for burdening Peggy with her troubles but Peggy points out that she has done her share of listening to her in the past, so Peggy was glad to have had the chat. Is there the germ of an idea buzzing round in Peggy’s head?

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