Susan is scrimping and is still hard up; Kenton freely spends Debbie’s money.

Radio Times: The Carters feel the pinch.

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  • Tom turns up from his birthday bash in time for the milking – seems to have been a good night. Debbie in the meantime is setting up another meal with Kenton but is no less cross with Brian. Brian in turn is still very jumpy about Adam’s plan. He hasn’t even let them know what flight he’s on.
  • Jack is worried about Susan – her cheque for some food in the shop bounced and she doesn’t have enough cash to make it up. Kenton suddenly comes up with the thought that Neil had lent him £10 a couple weeks ago. He insists Susan takes it even though Neil never mentioned it. Susan is really upset when it turns out Kenton didn’t owe Neil the money, and she had to buy a second hand uniform for Christopher. It just feels as if they are living on hand outs.
  • Tom is still excited about his new business, he’s even signed up for one of those business start up courses. Neil isn’t quite so convinced everything is going to be as good as Tom thinks.
  • Marjorie is coming out of hospital today, and Jack is worrying about how she will cope. They move people on so quickly these days. She is going to have a room at the Laurels until she is well enough to go home.
  • Kenton isn’t sure what is going on with Kathy. Debbie tries to convince him to talk to her but he doesn’t seem to sure. In the meantime he persuades Debbie that buying the most expensive wine on the menu is a good idea. He maybe be jobless, penniless and homeless but he still knows how to have a good time.

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