Kathy hears reports of Kenton and Debbie, puts two and two together and makes a lot more than four.

Radio Times: Kathy’s suspicions are confirmed.

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  • Ruth is really going to miss the unpaid baby sitter when her mum is back in Prudhoe. Ruth is going with her to try to help her sort out her Dad’s stuff. But David will find it tough once Chabba has gone. Phil mentions he saw Matt on Midsummer Meadow. He asks her if she really believes him and she admits to a bad feeling about it all. And Elizabeth is still digging away – Phil is worried about her.
  • Hayley thinks Marjorie seems to be doing well at the Laurels. She is so pleased to be out of hospital but she would be happier back home. Hayley manages to let slip that she saw Kenton and Debbie in Boticelli’s – just before she is whisked away to chauffeur Nigel but Hayley is already concerned about the effect on Freddy and Lilly. Kathy then needs to ask Elizabeth about Kenton and she admits to seeing him at Debbie’s cottage in his boxers.
  • Phil has a word with George about Matt and Midsummer Meadow. George is pretty sure nothing can be going on on the planning permission front but he agrees to have a nose around for anything he might be up to.
  • Elizabeth, having exhausted Hayley as Nigel’s chauffeur, turns to Jill for help with childcare but she can’t – she is already committed to helping out at Brookfield while Ruth is away. Elizabeth is less than impressed and all but hangs up on Phil.
  • Hayley’s second visit to Marjorie doesn’t go so well. She seems different – resigned somehow. Roy tries to convince her Marjorie is bound to have ups and downs but Hayley isn’t sure.

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