Fallon sings “Don’t come knocking at my door”; Kathy gives Kenton much the same message.

Radio Times: Dross has competition.

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  • Ed and Jazzer are listening to the competition in the Radio Borchester competition. The judges seem to be impressed with them – Ed and Jazzer less so when they find out that one of the finalists is. . . . . Fallon Rogers with “Don’t come knocking at my door”!
  • Jennifer is trying to rearrange furniture for Adam’s arrival but has managed to get the sofa stuck. Jennifer is still cross that Brian seems anxious about Adam’s arrival. Jennifer wants him to be welcome. She isn’t going to let Brian spoil this for her. He can turn up when he wants and can stay as long as he wants.
  • Kenton tries to bribe Kathy with flowers but she still thinks he is after something. She is not interested – he is pathetic. She gives him 5 minutes to explain himself. She is still furious about the way he forgot Jamie and she just can’t trust him. He should never even have gone for the health club job. He has totally unrealistic expectations! She knows its just that Kenton is trying to worm his way back in. She tells him that she knows about him and Debbie – he says he was just giving her support – but she says he is a liar and throws him out. She wants him out of her sight.

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