Matt may not (surprise, surprise!) be Mr Nice-Guy; Chaba will be multiply missed.

Radio Times: It’s Chaba’s farewell bash.

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  • Phil, Bert and George are clearing the churchyard with positive results but could have done with a bit more help. When Bert goes to get some diesel in the hope of igniting a soggy pile, George reveals to Phil that his suspicions about Matt Crawford may well hold water …
  • Chaba is doing the afternoon milking at Brookfield. David is happy for him to knock off early to get ready for his party at the Bull. Chaba’s going to miss them all (especially Kirsty?) and they, him. Phil arrives and reveals to David that there could be reasons why Matt Crawford is so keen to get his hands on Midsummer Meadow …
  • Bert is trying to rhyme something with ‘Danube’ for Chaba’s farewell ‘po-em’ (Bert-speak) but “damn rude” doesn’t seem very suitable somehow! George can offer no help, especially as the soggy bonfire seems to be choking them both! But there is something George can do for Bert – a fancy border on the computer to make the printed out ‘po-em’ look like a parchment, a memento for Chaba to frame and hang on his wall and enjoy showing his friends – ahhh!
  • It appears that Matt could get planning permission for a sort of mansion, something with so-called architectural merit, something that could be looked back on in future years as ‘heritage’. David thinks it’s a rich man’s con, and is determined that while he and Ruth are running Brookfield, M.M. will not disappear under some fake stately pile – he’ll be phoning Matt Crawford first thing in the morning. Phil will have a tentative word with Brian and Jennifer to see if Matt has said anything to them.
  • At the Bull, Kirsty and Chaba wonder where everyone else is – the food looks good, but really they only have eyes for each other, so who needs anyone else? Kirsty could perhaps visit Hungary in the summer?? Fallon appears, laying claim to producing the food with Jolene’s help and audibly drools …
  • David arrives at the party after a busy time in the lambing shed. He publicly extols Chaba’s virtues before Bert reads out his poem to an appreciative audience. David and Chaba exchange mutual appreciation of favours (of the family kind) given and received. Fallon emotionally gives Chaba a miss-you gift (and kiss!) – and David thinks it’s a good job Chaba’s going home, before things get explosive among the girls in Ambridge!

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