Adam returns home and Kenton wangles his return home.

Radio Times: There’s a surprise at Home Farm.

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  • Kenton tells Debbie how quiet his weekend was when he catches up with her drilling linseed. A game of dominoes with Bert and Neil was about as much excitement as came his way! Kathy was a complete no-go area so he won’t be moving in there – not for the time being anyway. So of course he’s absolutely desperate for accommodation and wouldn’t dream of asking Debbie if he wasn’t desperate … Debbie is beginning to make her position clear when an anxious and excited Jennifer arrives to ensure that Debbie will remain in contact with her in case Adam’s stand-by turns up today. Thereafter, Debbie apologetically clarifies her current domestic situation by giving Kenton the thumbs down – friends they are, but she wants to keep things simple at the moment.
  • Jennifer has been in touch with Lilian over Matt Crawford’s current interest in Midsummer Meadow. She now reports to Phil and Jill that he often used to talk about putting up a prestige residence. According to Lilian, that’s what the country needs these days – a new sort of ‘Squire-archy’ – Phil is the first to disagree! Kenton arrives as Jenny leaves. He has come, so he says, just to find out how Phil and Jill are … oh, and to ask a small favour, as he hasn’t much choice!
  • Debbie, still on the tractor, is thrilled to receive a call from Adam, currently on the train from Euston to Hollerton Junction. She’ll meet him at 11.40. Welcome home, Adam!
  • Jill, of course, is in ‘blood is thicker than water’ mode. Kenton is overtly grateful, promises not to outstay his welcome (does he ever … ??) and spins some yarn about several prospects in senior management which would see him soon able to take on a long term lease … Phil remains sceptical – in fact says that sometimes Kenton doesn’t seem to live in the real world (Hallelujah!!). Jill reiterates that after all he is their son and he needs their support.
  • Jennifer returns home to find Adam and Debbie having coffee in the kitchen. She is absolutely delighted by his arrival and immediately tries to spoil him (with food) in true Jennifer fashion. Debbie returns to work, and Adam broaches the subject of Brian’s recent actions on her well-being. She assures him that they want to save their marriage and though it won’t be easy, they’re going to give it a try – OK?

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