Tom’s day of reckoning has come; Debbie and Adam’s emotional circumstances are remarkably similar.

Radio Times: Roy worries about Marjorie’s future.

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  • At the Bull, Ed and Joe are voting online in the Radio Borsetshire song competition. Jolene smells a rat and accuses them of trying to vote more than once for Dross. Ed thinks Fallon’s song will have split the vote, and accuses her of stabbing Dross in the back.
  • Tom tackles Roy about his business plan before going to see the bank. He’s nervous that they won’t offer him exactly what he wants and that if he screws up today it’s game over. Roy encourages him by saying he should go for it with all the confidence he showed initially and accept only what he wants – Roy would back him if he had the money – he’s sure such a great business is going to make Tom a millionaire!
  • Adam has had his best night’s sleep in ages. He joins Debbie outside and quizzes her about her current relationship with Brian after recent events. He is amazed at how well Mum is dealing with it. Debbie tells him that inside she is still in bits. He offers to help with the silage for the ewes.
  • Bert asks Roy about Marjorie at Jolene’s races for Pancake Day. She’d like to come home really but will need Social Services support at home arranged first. Roy and Hayley will help all they can but couldn’t manage a regular commitment. Jolene summons all the Dads to race first!
  • Adam hasn’t forgotten how to wield a silage fork. Debbie wonders what his plans are, and without asking the question, ascertains that he, too, has suffered a recent broken relationship. He hasn’t really got any plans but just wants time to find out who he is, have a good rest, find somewhere to belong for a change. Home Farm would be a good place to start. Debbie feels that perhaps she should now do the opposite and get away – but not yet, as lambing will begin again soon, and at least then they’ll be too zombied to think about any of life’s other problems!
  • After Roy fails to win the Dad’s race, Phoebe is pipped at the post by Jamie. They are joined by Tom who comes back from the bank quietly confident – enough to want a celebration pint instead of the pancake tea that Jolene is laying on!

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