Kenton invades Glebe Cottage; Elizabeth cannot see beyond the £££ signs.

Radio Times: Elizabeth won’t let things be.

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  • David is glad to welcome Ruth and Ben home from Prudhoe. They’ve managed to sort out Solly’s ‘stuff’ at last, but not without tears. Heather is worried about Ruth and David’s financial situation. David tells Ruth about the recent revelations regarding Midsummer Meadow and Matt Crawford’s possible devious plans. Before they can get into the house, a portentous visitor arrives …
  • Kenton is unloading piles of books at Glebe Cottage. He needs another bookcase and more wardrobe space – his room is very small and Jill sounds apologetic already that she cannot provide everything he needs. Kenton likens his whole life at the moment to Lenten abstinence … Jill doesn’t think he has had much luck recently but he assures her things are about to change. Phil can’t believe how much clutter he is seeing, but Kenton assures him that soon they won’t even know he’s here (and pigs might fly …).
  • Elizabeth has found out something about David and Ruth’s business at Brookfield. Someone is trying to rip them off – there is a sort of planning loophole regarding a mansion on Midsummer Meadow and Julia heard all about it from Lewis. David smugly informs her that they have known for ages. Elizabeth asks about the new asking price for the land in view of its increased potential, then leaves incredulous that David is probably now considering not selling.
  • Kenton is still unloading and not averse to a bit of help unpacking from his Mum and Dad – while he takes the Landrover back to Brookfield then goes to the pub for lunch. Jill defends his drinking as ‘he’s got to have a bit of fun’ while Phil glumly wonders just how long his stay is going to be.
  • Nigel, busy repairing his bike with a view to increased mobility, is critical of Lizzie’s visit to Brookfield. She cannot believe that now that the land is suddenly worth hundreds of thousands, the deal is off – how incompetent can David and Ruth be? Nigel feels it’s none of their business. Elizabeth sometimes wonders whose side he is on. He is on Lizzie’s side, of course he is, but sometimes she makes it jolly difficult …

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