Adam and Brian spend quality(?) time together …

Radio Times: Adam makes his position clear.

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  • Brian seems reluctant to join Adam for a cup of tea, but throws caution to the wind while he waits for William. They haven’t seen much of each other so far but Adam understands the pressures of farming … Brian sings William’s praises as a keeper and Adam regrets the passing of Grundys at Grange Farm. He thinks everything seems unreal, ‘greyer’ in the UK now – and not just the weather, more the atmosphere. Brian echoes Jenny’s sentiments that he and she are doing their best to work it all out. William arrives and old acquaintances from relative childhood are renewed.
  • Tom introduces himself to his Dad as the next Mr Birds-Eye – he’s on his way, he declares! The bank has said ‘Yes!’ and Tony is proud and delighted, though advises keeping feet on the ground. But they’ll celebrate in the pub later.
  • Adam is impressed by the new game drive, and by the Millennium Wood – Jenny’s idea to which she committed herself totally and turned into a great success. William is full of detailed plans for development of the drive and Adam suggests solving any uncontrollable weather problems by putting it under a huge dome like the Eden Project. A bit pricey, but Brian and William are impressed by the idea and think it deserves further consideration.
  • In the pub, Tom is discussing his sausage plans with Emma. She is really interested in his costs and although erring on the side of caution, thinks she may be coming to this budding tycoon for a job one day! William arrives and takes Emma off to eat. Tony comes to buy Tom his celebration pint and confirms his and Pat’s delight at his impending success. They have a lot of faith in him.
  • William tells Emma that Tom obviously has a lot of backing from his parents – Eddie says if you’re an Archer, it’s easy. Emma is impressed by Tom’s efforts. At least he’s got the bottle and has a go. She daydreams about having her own business eventually after college. Has Will mentioned anything to Caroline about the business experience she needs? And has Will voted in the song contest? No? Well he’s going straight over to computers after they’ve eaten – the lines close at midnight!
  • Brian and Adam are deep in discussion – the green-hatched areas on the plan of Home Farm are the drives. Not just a bit of rough shooting these days – costs mean it’s got to be a professional organisation. Adam can’t understand why the most efficient food producers in the world are not making any money any more. Brian is glad Adam is interested. He doesn’t have these conversations with Debbie anymore. And the Millennium Wood which Adam thinks is a great spot even now, and will be magic in thirty years time? Jenny wouldn’t be kept away from it a year ago, says Brian regretfully, but she hardly ever goes there now – it’s as if she’s stopped thinking about – the future … ? Brian never meant to spoil it for them. Adam tactfully diffuses the emotion of the moment by suggesting they go and look at his fancy combine, this amazing machine, now.

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