Kirsty is depressed; Fallon is delighted; David is determined.

Radio Times: Matt’s put on the spot.

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  • Chaba’s departure day has arrived at last – yes David, we know you’re going to miss him! How many more times do you need to say it?!! Ruth has been talking to Usha on the phone. She tells David that her future with Adrian is not too rosy as she wants babies and he doesn’t. David, sensitive as ever, thinks she should dump him – quite simple! Ruth reminds David to be rather more sympathetic towards Kirsty who is coming with them to the airport to see Chaba off. He comes down with his luggage as she arrives, and after a perfunctory kiss, seems rather more anxious that they should listen to Wayne Foley in the car – the result of the song contest is being announced this afternoon …
  • … and the winner is from Ambridge … Fallon Rogers! Ed is on the computer in the Bull as the announcement is made. He is absolutely furious with the delighted Fallon, accusing her of stitching Dross up by getting all her college friends to vote for her. He storms out of the pub, advising her to stay out of his way.
  • (Hankies at the ready everyone … ) At the airport, Ruth and David thank Chaba for all his help and tactfully leave him and a very tearful Kirsty to say their emotional farewells. They profess their love for each other, promise to keep in constant touch by text and e-mail, and Chaba assures Kirsty that she will have the best time of her life when she visits him in Hungary in the summer.
  • Back at the Bull, Fallon tells Tom about Ed’s tantrum. She is upset that he could think she had deliberately planned to do Dross down. It was only for a laugh. Tom tells her it’s just sour grapes on Ed’s part and how impressed he is with her success. He’s got to get back to work now but would Fallon like to go out tomorrow to celebrate her win? Before she can accept, Kirsty arrives for work. Tom leaves, sarcastically rubbing salt in Kirsty’s farewell-to-Chaba wounds and saying he’ll call Fallon to make the arrangements for tomorrow. Kirsty puts two and two together, much to Fallon’s embarrassment. No problem – she and Tom are ancient history. Fallon can go out with who she likes – Kirsty has other things to think about now.
  • David calls on Matt Crawford to confirm that his intentions for Midsummer Meadow are solely to graze horses. Matt denies all knowledge of the possibility of getting planning permission for a stately pile on the land. He has business interests all over the place – he likes to keep on the move (!) and has no intention of tucking himself away in Borsetshire. So, says David, he won’t mind adding an extra clause in the contract that should he ever get planning permission, the development premium would come back to him and Ruth? Matt declares his disappointment in David – where he comes from a deal’s a deal and you don’t start mucking about with it afterwards – not the way he does business. If David’s serious about this, Matt might have to withdraw his offer.

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