Short of marriage, Oliver thinks Caroline moving in with him is the best idea.

Radio Times: Oliver pops the question.

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  • There has been no word from Matt Crawford but David is convinced that he cannot possibly agree to the new condition. What if he offers more money up front? Not even for half a million! They would have to emigrate. Phil turns up, a refugee from Kenton’s over-enthusiastic enjoyment of the rugby on TV; it makes Ruth feel guilty as there is so much room at Brookfield but David stands firm.
  • Sunday afternoon and, as usual, Caroline prepares to wrench herself away from Grange Farm and go home. It is unnecessarily complicated; Oliver suggests they get married. They acknowledge that they love each other but Caroline is not ready for marriage. (She’ll not get a better offer!) She will however move in; her attachment to the Dower House is not that strong. She needs a few days to get organised. They are brought down to earth by the sudden appearance of Ed; he has checked on the cattle and found one wheezing badly.
  • Alistair is also feeling guilty (just a bit) when he calls at Brookfield and sees Phil’s plight but Kenton had outstayed his welcome. He suggests to David that they should do the Three Peaks Challenge for Shula’s Lent Appeal and David – agrees! He rushes off in response to Oliver’s call leaving Ruth to try to talk some sense into her husband.
  • Oliver is getting the full teenage angst treatment from Ed about Dross, Fallon and all that’s wrong with the world. When Alistair arrives he persuades Ed that he can manage now; he couldn’t face any more of that and he had been having such a lovely day. As he explains to Alistair, his happiness is due Caroline’s decision to move in. He would be happier still if she would agree to marry him.

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