David is keen, so Alistair feels obliged to go ahead with the Three Peaks Challenge.

Radio Times: David needs a challenge.

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  • Betty is very keen to get from Peggy the background to Adam’s return; is it just a holiday or a longer stay? Anyway it will not prevent Peggy from going to the W.I. today; they need ideas for a charity fund-raising event. What about a weekend when lots of villagers open their gardens. Caroline pops into the shop and is interested in Susan’s card in the window advertising an ironing service. Good idea, Caroline hates ironing. Apparently Susan is not that keen either but need’s must …
  • Jennifer is unburdening herself to Adam. She cannot image things getting back to how they were. They won’t, but both want to make it work. Brian has spoken to Adam of how sorry he is for the mess and of his love for Jennifer; not the Brian that Adam remembers at all. Brian is concerned for Debbie too; their relationship is icy. Adam cannot get her to talk about how she feels and usually she tells him everything. He thinks she spends too much time alone and he will try where their mother has failed, to get her to come home for supper.
  • Alistair is getting anxious about the building work; he can see the practice having to move out of their present accommodation before the new facility at The Stables is ready. Shula tries to divert his complaints to the builders and then starts rebuking him for taking on the Three Peaks Challenge; his experience amounts to no more than climbing some big hills as a student!
  • Peggy was pleased with the response to the gardens idea. If the weather is fine they can have teas served on The Green. She is not at all sure of the wisdom of Jack’s purchase of “Daphne’s Café”. It is Daphne who makes it popular; when she goes it will be quite different.
  • Caroline had intended to tell Shula her news but she already knows – from Oliver. He is very pleased, especially that they will live at Grange Farm. She will not sell the Dower House just yet. Maybe William’s flat can be made self-contained and it will be good to have him around to keep an eye on the place. Alistair wonders if they are going to have a party; they would for an engagement or marriage, so why not a “shacking up together” party? David had rung and is very enthusiastic about the Challenge but Caroline reports that a fit young 23-year-old she knew found it exhausting. Oh dear! Alistair cannot back out now.

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