Debbie is still keeping her family at arm’s length but Adam is making progress.

Radio Times: Adam offers some brotherly advice.

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  • A visit from David is a welcome diversion for Tony; pulling leeks is rather beneath Tom but it has to be done. David broaches the subject of the Three Peaks Challenge; Tony thinks they are mad and he is far too busy before Easter even to help with backup. Tom returns triumphant from a meeting with the supermarket. It’s all arranged; the first shipment will be on 20 May.
  • Adam is sharing the secrets of African farming economics with Debbie and she bemoans the fact that, in the UK, farmers have lost the connection with the consumer. People don’t cook any more; so the answer is to get into food processing. He tries unsuccessfully to persuade her to come to the house for supper but at least he can come to the cottage.
  • Kenton is in The Bull having escaped from Phil’s piano practice. When Alistair reveals their plans for the Challenge, he recommends that they lower their sights to the likes of Lakey Hill. Good idea! David agrees that maybe it was too ambitious; this way anyone can join in the Ambridge Challenge. The arrival of Tom sends Kenton away, keen to avoid being bored about boars. David makes the mistake of mentioning sausages and Tom is away, seemingly nothing can stop him until his father orders him to change the subject. Maybe he should investigate the unit at Sawyer’s Farm soon to be vacated by Alistair.
  • Debbie answers the door to – Kenton; that’s a surprise. Adam is hot on his heels but Debbie makes it unambigously clear that Kenton is not welcome to stay and renew Adam’s acquaintance. They must have a drink sometime. Debbie explains that they had cried on each other’s shoulder and that was ok until he wanted to move in. Adam puts two and two together, makes five and recommends that she has an HIV test (in view of her husband’s multiple infidelity) before getting involved with anyone else. She puts him right about Kenton but acknowledges that she should have a test. She can’t imagine having a relationship with a man ever again and she can’t imagine ever forgiving Brian, or understand how her mother can. On Friday, Brian will be out and if Jennifer promises not to give her that deeply concerned look or say “How are you, darling?”, will she come to lunch. Yes she will.

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