Matt calls off the deal, claiming that he has found another piece of land.

Radio Times: Kenton wants a second chance.

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  • Jill is persuading Ruth to put Brookfield’s garden into the charity event. There will need to be some weed clearing but maybe Kenton could do it; he is at a loose end. Matt Crawford rings but will not talk to Ruth.
  • David is busy in the lambing shed, not helped by Kenton moaning about his continued failure to con anybody into giving him a job. Certainly David is pushed but he is also broke and he wouldn’t employ Kenton anyway.
  • Elizabeth cannot find Nigel; he went off on his bike two hours ago. His mother wants to be taken into Borchester but Elizabeth insists she will have to get a taxi. (Ah, so they do know about taxis at Lower Loxley.) It turns out that Nigel has been to the top of Hayden Berrow on his old bike, just to prove that he could. He has also proved what a muddy mess he can get his trousers into!
  • Since David had not reconsidered his position, Matt indicated that he would make it worth his while: he would take another look at the selling price – a cash bonus in a brown envelope. Not wanting to be drummed out of the village, the answer was still no. He still has not admitted that he was trying to pull a fast one but since he now claims to have found another piece of land, the deal is definitely off. Maybe they could sell the bungalow, or put Bert and Freda in it and sell Woodvine Cottage. Kenton wonders if he could, temporarily move into … No! David will go and appraise Elizabeth of the outcome and Kenton will go along to see Kathy.
  • When David arrives, Nigel has just come to the conclusion that his riding helmet would be better for cycling than one of those plastic things. Elizabeth bellows at David that he could have got a really good price (and shut up Nigel). David bellows at his sister’s receding back that he didn’t lose the deal, he decided against it; he has to live in Ambridge. Sometimes, Nigel counsels, it is easier to let Lizzie have the last word. (He’s not as dumb as he sounds!)
  • Kenton admits to being irresponsible and unreliable but not unfaithful; he only crashed on Debbie’s sofa a couple of times. They are just mates and maybe not even that now that her brother has returned. Kathy is unmoved; he may not move in with her, not even on the sofa. When Elizabeth appears, he picks a bad moment to suggest coming back to Lower Loxley – absolutely no chance whatever.

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