Does “Kenton’s Café” have the right ring to it? Jack will be getting a call quite soon.

Radio Times: William gets it in the neck.

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  • As they both wait for a lift after college, Emma congratulates Fallon on her song; surprised by the interest, Fallon asks about Emma’s progress. She is starting a work placement at Grey Gables next month. Fallon thinks catering is a mug’s game: look at her mum, working all hours. Emma must wait for her dad but Fallon’s lift is here; isn’t that Tom Archer?
  • Kenton scans the Echo in vain; uncharacteristically objective, he admits to his mother that he has no qualifications, no special talents and is past his sell-by date.
  • When Will calls on her, Emma is embarrassed about the mess: her mum is taking in ironing. At least they have a roof. Will fears that he will soon be homeless. Ed had delighted in telling him about Caroline’s plans to move in with Oliver and he has assumed the rest.
  • On their way to a concert, Phil and Jill find themselves passing Daphne’s Café. Has Jack made a mistake? It was only successful because Daphne lived on the premises and worked all hours. Jill has an idea.
  • Amongst the young folk in The Bull, conversation starts (as it generally does when Tom is around) with sausages, specifically premises on which to make them. It soon turns to music, specifically Dross and how Ed has given both Fallon and Ash their marching orders. What a prat! Emma, however, will not stay to hear Will talk that way about Ed; he is her friend and he saved her life. Goodnight!
  • Back home, Phil and Jill are full of the concert – marvellous! But Jill has other news. Jack has agreed to buy Daphne’s Café, a business which will need someone to run it and which has a flat upstairs. Kenton thinks that is a great idea. (Has he overlooked the bit about working all hours?)

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