Brian remains (literally and metaphorically) the spectre at the feast; Kenton begs Jack to let him manage Daphne’s Cafe.

Radio Times: Jack’s unsure about “Daphne’s”

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  • Jack has called in on Brian, to complain that following the merging of their shoots, Jack’s bookings seem to have taken second place. Brian agrees to accommodate Jack’s bookings if he drops in a list of preferred dates. Conversation moves onto Jack’s possible purchase of Daph’s Cafe – Jack thinks it is a sound investment, though it seems Peggy is not so sure.
  • At the Lodge, Jennifer is telling Peggy how refreshing it is to have Adam back, and how he is being very helpful in drawing Debbie out of her shell – following her marriage break up and Brian’s antics. Jennifer is convinced that Debbie is not only avoiding Brian, but keeping her at arms length too. Still, she, Debbie and Adam are having lunch together later, which will hopefully prove to be a positive family bonding experience. The doorbell rings – it’s Kenton, keen to see Jack as soon as possible. Jennifer gives him lift over to Home Farm, though when they arrive, Brian informs him, to his dismay, that Jack left 5 minutes earlier.
  • Lunch at Home Farm is going splendidly, with Adam recounting tales of his travels. Things become a bit sticky when Jennifer becomes over-motherly toward Debbie, but they soon pick up again – that is, until Brian walks in at which point the room falls silent, and Adam and Debbie beat a hasty retreat.
  • Jack returns from his meeting with his accountant, and is still keen to go ahead with the purchase of the cafe. Peggy remains sceptical, thinking that a building society would be a better place for his money. As if on cue, Kenton arrives and, with full violin ensemble, begs Jack to give him a helping hand by installing him as the new manager of Daph’s Cafe!

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