The Grundy’s celebrate their land-owner status with a picnic; Jill pleads Kenton’s case to Peggy.

Radio Times: The Grundys get back to the land.

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  • Clarrie is busy putting a picnic together – she, Eddie and Joe are going over to their new field for the day. Clarrie is looking forward to Eddie shifting his junk – sorry, ornaments – from their garden so she can tidy the place up for the forthcoming open gardens weekend. William arrives with news of his fall out with Emma, though he is sure it will blow over soon. Being at a bit of a loose end, he is persuaded to join the rest of his family on their excursion.
  • Kenton rises at well past mid-day, having not slept very well, what with worrying about Jack’s possible decision over Daphne’s. When Jill tells him of the visiting Indian clergy, Kenton speculates over how disapproving Peggy might be about such a foreign import. In fact, Kenton seems to have a real downer on Peggy in general, thinking that she is the most likely negative influence over Jack’s potential investment. Kenton tries hard to persuade Jill to chat to Peggy as a way of talking her round.
  • At the Grundy’s new field, everyone but William is overjoyed at their land-owner status. Eddie is already planning to construct a barn (though his description of its structure does not make it sound like the most aesthetic building in the world!). William sees more of the negative aspects of the whole project – the amount of nettles and brambles on the field, not to mention the small matter of planning permission which may be required for any building. However, nothing he says can dampen Eddie, Clarrie and Joe’s enthusiasm – they are all riding high!
  • Jill and Kenton have gone over to see Peggy. After a few pleasantries about the visiting vicar (Peggy is quite enthusiastic after all) Kenton leaves the two women to chat. Peggy is already wise to the motive of the visit, and cannot pretend to see the cafe idea as a sound business investment, added to which, Kenton reminds her of her first husband – a nice enough bloke but not someone you would trust to run a business. However, much pleading from Jill later, Peggy agrees to talk to Jack with a view to accentuating the positive aspects of Kenton as a future cafe manager.

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