Tom hopes to get a business unit at Sawyers Farm; David warns Jack not to have any business dealings involving Kenton.

Radio Times: Tom wheels and deals.

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  • Tom, accompanied by Fallon and Alistair, is looking at the potential of moving his sausage empire into the business units currently occupied by Alistairs veterinary practice. Alistair points out another empty unit, which by all accounts has been standing empty some time. Tom thinks that an offer to Borchester Land might just acquire him some premises at a good price.
  • At the Lodge, Jack has made his mind up about Daphne’s. Peggy is not convinced, but as it seems Jack is not to be swayed, Peggy pleads Kentons case as potential manager. This time it is Jack who is not convinced. He is deciding nothing on that score until he has been to see Daphne herself, to find out precisely what her plans are.
  • David and Jolene are mutually boring each other with family tales and photo’s when Alistair comes to the rescue with an update on the Ambridge Three Peaks challenge. Jolene is keen to get in on the act (never one to miss a business opportunity) and provisionally offers The Bull as the starting and ending point for the event. Peggy arrives to use one of the computers – there is a long email she wants to send. Before she gets a chance to type it, Tom and Fallon come over with news about the business units. He is just waiting for a response from Borchester Land, then hopefully everything will go ahead.
  • Still at the bar discussing the Three Peaks, David and Alistair are joined by Jack. David clearly doesn’t know anything about Kenton’s interest in Daphne’s, but when he finds out, he warns Jack not to let Kenton have anything to do with the venture. As he puts it – Jack should not touch Kenton with a barge pole!

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