Jennifer makes a venomous attack on Brian, in front of David.

Radio Times: A testing time for Debbie.

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  • It turns out that Peggy’s email was to Jennifer, much to Adam and Jennifer’s surprise and admiration at her grasping technology. Brian comes in and starts talking to Adam about the benefits or otherwise of running two flocks of sheep – Adam thinks one flock would be better but Brian disagrees. David arrives to drop off some leaflets for Debbie just as Adam returns to the lambing sheds. With Adam gone, Jennifer lets rip at Brian, accusing him of totally railroading any suggestions made by Adam, treating him in just the same way as he does Debbie, that is, completely ignoring their opinions. She storms out, leaving an embarrassed David with Brian. David quickly makes his excuses and also leaves.
  • Cut to the Home Farm lambing shed……. Adam and Debbie talk about Brian’s dismissive attitude towards anyone else’s opinions about farming, though without the venom of Jennifer’s attack! After a quick topical mention of the war in Iraq, Adam tries to persuade Debbie to come to the health club with him followed by a few drinks. Debbie declines, as she has a lot to do tomorrow, including a planned trip to Borchester. A little more probing from Adam reveals that she is off to have an AIDS test (in the light of Simon’s extra-curricular activities no doubt).
  • Phil is cleaning down the milking parlour, and exchanging mutual moans with Ruth about Kenton. A little later they both go to look at the cows, talking about the possibility of Heather moving into the Bungalow. David arrives, and almost puts his foot in it regarding his witnessed Brian-Jennifer dispute. Ruth quickly covers for him and Phil is left none the wiser. Conversation turns to Jacks crazy idea to put Kenton in charge of Daph’s Cafe, and David tells of how he and Alistair put Jack right on that particular score. Phil points out that it was originally Jill’s idea, and that perhaps it is the sort of break Kenton really needs
  • Back at Home Farm Brian tries to talk to Jennifer about her hostility towards him – particularly in front of other people. He tells her how much he really is trying, but she does not seem to be cutting him any slack at all. He questions whether she really does want to make their marriage work, and says he realises that she hates him. In softer tones Jennifer tells him that she doesn’t hate him – at least not all of the time – but sometimes she finds things really hard.

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