Alistair is hacked off with absent electricians; Jack is hacked off with over present Kenton.

Radio Times: Alistair blows a fuse.

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  • William finally gets to speak to Caroline about the rumours Ed has told him about Caroline moving into Grange Farm and selling the Dower House. Caroline quickly puts his mind at rest, assuring him that whilst she is planning to move in with Oliver, William certainly will not be evicted – what’s more, with her reluctance to sell up, she is planning to make William’s flat completely self contained, with it’s own front door and everything!
  • Alistair is fuming because the electrician has gone AWOL. Ruth arrives as Alistair exits, though is less than thrilled at the prospect of making fancy dress costumes for the children to wear for the Three Peaks challenge……(go on Ruth – you know you love it really!!). Alistair returns to pick up his bag, just as Ruth has a go at him for trying to scupper Kenton’s chances with Jack. A surprised Shula knows nothing about this, though Alistair defends himself well. A second exit later, and Ruth tells Shula that Heather seems to have declined their kind (?) offer to sell her the Bungalow. No – Heather wants to stay put thank you very much.
  • Jack is passing the time of day with Clarrie, and is delighted to hear that the junkyard contents of her garden will soon be up at Grundy’s Field – particularly as Lynda Snell has been on the phone again. Kenton arrives with some references for Jack from past customers of his (though how a sailing business equates to a cafe is anyone’s guess…). With Kenton gone, Clarrie adds to Jack’s disquiet about the possible appointment of Kenton as cafe manager by confirming Kenton’s unreliability, not to mention casting doubt upon whether or not Kenton did actually ever work in Nelsons wine bar?
  • At Grey Gables Jack is feeling hounded by Kenton, in fact he seems thoroughly hacked off with the whole Kenton / Daphne saga. Shula tries to pour oil on troubled waters by confirming (when asked by Jack) that Kenton did in fact work at Nelsons wine bar. Well, he did didn’t he – for a few days at least!!

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