Debbie shouts and screams at Brian and Elizabeth when she discovers that Brian is paying for Siobhán’s removal expenses.

Radio Times: An unpaid bill causes a stir.

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  • In the Borchester shop Helen is moaning to Pat about Peggy’s cash injection to Tom for his business, though Pat defends Tom. Elizabeth arrives to buy some sausages for tea, having been sorting out the shipping of the rest of Siobhán’s things over to Ireland.
  • Debbie has brought some coffee out to Adam in the lambing sheds. Adam is rather sore, having been working out at Grey Gables last night. As they talk, Debbie tells him about her rather unpleasant experience having her STD tests yesterday. She is rather depressed at the prospect of having to wait a week for the results. Adam offers his support, for which Debbie is grateful, if a little upset.
  • Tom is placing an advert for a part time butcher in the Echo. Pat advises him not to rush into things too quickly, but Tom is confident in his own abilities. Later on when Helen is also there, she is damning about Tom’s sausage labels. In the middle of all this Tom gets a call confirming the rental of the business units at Sawyers Farm. He is delighted, but Helen, as always, does not have a good word to say about the whole thing.
  • At Home Farm, Elizabeth brings the bill for Siobhán’s removals over for Brian, so he writes her a cheque. As he hands it over, Debbie walks in. When it is evident what is happening, Debbie launches into a tirade of abuse towards Elizabeth, accusing her of total betrayal in that she still has contact with THAT woman – even to the extent of calling Elizabeth a lying two-faced cow. Brian orders Elizabeth to leave, after which Debbie turns on him, accusing him of still carrying on with Siobhán and that nothing has changed. After a lengthy shouted exchange, with Brian trying to put his side of things across in very emotional terms, Debbie breaks down. Brian gives her a hug, which at first she seems to accept but quickly pushes him away. As she leaves she orders Brian not to touch her and to just leave her alone.

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