Brian and Jennifer appear united over the Debbie problem; Jack gives Kenton the job of running Daphs Cafe.

Radio Times: Jack makes up his mind.

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  • Kenton asks Nigel for a reference for the Daphnes Cafe job. Nigel is reluctant, and is not willing to approach Elizabeth – she is in a foul mood following yesterday’s antics. Elizabeth arrives and is blatantly rude to Kenton, ordering him to shove off, whilst summoning Nigel to the office – oh dear.
  • Peggy is updating Jennifer on Marjorie’s progress – it looks like she may well be back in Nightingale Farm soon. When asked about things with Brian, Jennifer is quite positive – Brian is making a huge effort, and not just with her, as he announced this morning that he was buying Alice a new horse. On cue, Brian walks in and complements Peggy on her skill at sending Jennifer the email recently.
  • At Lower Loxley, things are still bad. Elizabeth mellows a bit with help from Nigel – she is dreadfully upset about the situation with Debbie. Their conversation is halted with the arrival of Jack and Peggy. When conversation moves onto Kenton and the cafe, Elizabeth has nothing but bad things to say about Kenton’s potential, even to the extent of rubbishing his efforts when working at Nelson’s Wine Bar.
  • Jennifer brings some tea to Adam in the lambing shed, only to find Brian there instead. Brian tells Jenny of yesterdays events, primarily expressing concern for Debbie. For the first time in ages, Brian and Jennifer seem to be agreeing about something – even if it is the fact neither of them know what to do for the best for Debbie.
  • At the Lodge, an arrogant Jack is waiting for Kenton to arrive. He and Peggy still seem to be arguing about the whys and wherefores. Kenton arrives, and after a few anxious moments, and expressing his reservations, Jack gives Kenton the job. Kenton is overwhelmed. He offers to kiss Jack, though strangely enough, that offer is declined!

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