Kathy helps Kenton to celebrate his change of fortune.

Radio Times: Adam’s unlikely to fix-it.

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  • Kenton tries to encourage Debbie to be enthusiastic about Daphne’s but she is clearly not paying attention. That and losing the hydraulics on the cultivator don’t put her in the best mood. But Adam thinks he had fix it – with a wire coat hanger. Debbie is pleased that he fixed it but it is going to take more than a coat hanger to fix her up.
  • Brian, in the meantime, is still trying to be nice to Alice by helping her choose her horse. There does seem to be a really good one locally. But someone else is going to look at it first.
  • In the absence of Debbie, Kenton meanwhile has arranged to take Kathy and Jamie to lunch. Jamie is keen even if Kathy isn’t. But she thinks Kenton deserves some good luck. But Jack Woolley is no fool. He will want a good return on his investment. Kathy agrees to lend a hand and, maybe, they might just get together again sometime.

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