Marjorie comes home; Kenton finds that his new home has strings attached.

Radio Times: Café chat at Glebe Cottage.

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  • David and Ruth are still wondering what to do with the bungalow. They need to consider all the options now that Heather has said she doesn’t want it. Selling Woodbine Cottage would really help with the bank balance. But would Bert and Freda want to move. And Phil probably won’t like it anymore than he liked the idea of selling the land.
  • Jack and Kenton are beginning to plan for the café. They want to get into the café to do the refurbishment as soon as possible. They don’t want to be closed for any longer than necessary. Kenton doesn’t seem to keen to stick with tradition at Daphne’s but Jack is insistent that the bacon baps have to stay. The existing customers are very loyal.
  • Marjorie is thrilled to be back, the sun has come out and her garden is looking lovely. She is so pleased to be back. Roy has helped her settle in. It is already beginning to look though as if she might have a few problems managing.
  • Jill has been baking – a fruit cake for Marjorie – she is coming out of the Laurels today. She will be glad to get home. The vicar is about to arrive in Ambridge and they are throwing a tea party. Kenton should go along to help to see what cakes sell best. Suddenly he isn’t too keen . . .
  • Phil is relieved that Kenton has got the job. They will have to give him a lot of moral support to try to make it a success. David and Ruth broach the sale of Woodbine with Phil. They are surprised to find he thinks it very sensible. He’d obviously be sad but they can’t afford to be sentimental.

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