Alice gets a new horse and sister Debbie finds that all her tests were clear.

Radio Times: David makes a proposal.

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  • Adam is trying to persuade Alice to join in the Ambridge Three Peaks but she doesn’t sound keen. Debbie sounds just as depressed as ever though. But it looks like the new horse – Spearmint – might be available after all. And Brian, Jennifer and Alice go to look at it – together. Alice really loves the new horse. At least she isn’t growing up too fast – not like some of her friends. Brian agrees to buy him and suddenly he is the best dad in the world.
  • Bert is planning on entering the open gardens festival – he has been really working hard on the garden. David broached with Bert the possibility of him moving to the bungalow and he is rather taken aback but they are interrupted by Nigel in his new cycling helmet before they get chance to discuss it properly. But after some thought, Bert says he isn’t keen – he prefers being handy on the green and he thinks he knows what Freda will say.
  • Nigel tries to convince Adam of the wonders of cycling – all those wild flowers but he doesn’t seem convinced. Debbie has at least had the results of her tests. They are all negative. She is just so relieved.

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