A bovine disaster is averted at Brookfield; the financial one still looms.

Radio Times: Emergency at Brookfield.

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  • Tom is off to buy his kit for his new development in Birmingham. He’ll be meeting Fallon there after the auction. It’s her big day in the professional recording studio to record her winning song. Moving one of the arcs, Tom does seem to get a bit of a twinge. Neil has to ask Tom if he will take Susan on for the sausage packing. Tom had already told Clarrie he would consider Ed but Tom isn’t sure he is too reliable. Susan would be ideal but surely she is overqualified. Neil just thinks anything is better than taking in ironing.
  • Bert and Freda have decided against the bungalow. Phil really isn’t surprised. They aren’t the type to get itchy feet. Ruth thinks the bungalow has a lot of potential but its not Phil that needs to be convinced. Suddenly David bursts in to say the Herefords have got the fence down and it looks like they’ve all got staggers. But it looks like they will be okay. Good job Neil turned up to help. If they had lost one now it would have been really bad. If Bert doesn’t change his mind about the bungalow they are going to need every penny.
  • Tom got everything he wanted at the sale and Fallon thinks she’s on her way to being a star. The best demo the studio has recorded they say! Tom has still got a lot of work to do on the premises though but at least the ubiquitous Jason is available to do it.

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