The new vicar arrives and Bert is persuaded to reconsider leaving Woodbine.

Radio Times: A warm welcome in Ambridge.

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  • Kenton is not happy to be serving tea and scones to the new Vicar. Peggy and Bert seem to be making and effort though. Talk about the weather seems to do the job. Maybe talking about the wonders of Janet to Peggy wasn’t the best plan … But she seems to think he is polite and charming – even if he isn’t a full time replacement.
  • Ed is disappointed that Tom has given the job to Susan and Joe is shocked that things have got so bad for the Carters. But it is good to see some Grundy stock back on their own land. Then Ed drops the bombshell that he will have to sell Baby Spice. He wants to concentrate on building up the beef herd.
  • Shula and Alistair are still having problems with the building. They will have to get the consulting room open even if the office has to stay in the house.
  • Peggy, Joe and Bert are struggling with finding a search engine to look up more about Bangalore. Joe is likely to be banned from the village website. His jottings have turned into an advert for Eddie Grundy Limited.
  • Bert is still not keen on moving to the bungalow but Joe and Ed think he should think about it. Maybe David and Ruth will lay him off if he doesn’t move so they could sell Woodbine Cottage anyway. Once he’s moved they won’t dare move them again. Better than spending their retirement in Meadow Rise.

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