Jennifer assures Brian that she would like him to be at her special Mothering Sunday lunch.

Radio Times: A lovely surprise for Jennifer.

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  • Roy and Brian are playing with Phoebe. She’s been making a welcome card for Marjorie. Marjorie seems to be doing pretty well now she’s settled down.
  • Tom explains to Adam how things are going. It’s been a great week – he even got to the recording studio with Fallon. Although Adam may be a bit out of touch with music trends, he will have to go clubbing with Tom sometime, or maybe to Sid’s gym in Borchester.
  • Alistair has given Spearmint a clean bill of health so Alice can have him – providing she promises to look after him. They will get him on Sunday. Brian is trying so hard with Alice and Phoebe. Now Jennifer is worried about whether Brian is missing Ruairidh. And then Adam tells Jennifer that maybe he did miss his father when he was growing up after all.
  • Adam, Debbie and Alice are planning a special lunch for Jennifer on Mothering Sunday. And Jennifer tells Brian that she would like him to be there too.

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