Debbie continues to give Brian a hard time, against her mother’s wishes and her brother’s advice.

Radio Times: Happy families at Home Farm.

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  • Hayley had to give up her Mother’s day to help Elizabeth out at Lower Loxley. And Roy has a busy week ahead. Emma is at Grey Gables for work experience.
  • Debbie is still shying away from going to Home Farm. She doesn’t want to be at lunch with Brian. She just can’t understand why Jennifer is acting as if it never happened. Why should he get away with it. But Adam points out Jennifer can’t live like that. Debbie just misses Simon – well not him, but just having someone. He was good at paying attention. But just look where it got her.
  • Alice is very excited about Spearmint’s arrival. He should get there before lunch. But there won’t be any lunch if Alice doesn’t stop cleaning the tack. Phoebe gets to visit Chandler too. Debbie is still giving Brian a hard time. Adam wants her to give him a break but she thinks he is just trying to buy Alice with Spearmint.
  • All except Debbie are making an effort over the family lunch. Debbie is still aiming darts at Brian. Jennifer has really enjoyed having Adam there even though Kate can’t be. Brian thinks maybe Phoebe is beginning to look a bit like Alice but Jennifer says she can only see Kate. But Brian says all the children have turned out well. Jennifer is a fantastic mother.

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