“More sherry, vicar?” at Glebe Cottage; Kenton escapes to reconnoitre Daphne’s with Kathy.

Radio Times: Memories from Mrs Antrobus.

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  • Jill is helping Suresh to settle in. They are really grateful he has come. They were dreading finding cover over Easter. He will be visiting Marjorie too and joining Phil and Jill for lunch. Jennifer had a lovely Mother’s day lunch. She hadn’t realised how much she missed Adam. She thinks Jill should feel the same about Kenton but Jill isn’t so sure. Debbie is also still in a terrible state. Jill thinks it will take her a long time to get over Simon.
  • Suresh tells Marjorie that he understands what it is like to lose a husband. He lost his wife to cancer 3 years ago. He has his children but it is not the same. Loneliness is a terrible thing.
  • Kenton is not having much fun doing the gardening. The gardening gene has passed him by. Kenton offers to do away with the competition’s marrows but Jill thinks that is silly – they aren’t even in season. Phil wishes Bert would make up his mind about the bungalow. David and Ruth can’t do anything until they decide. The thought of the Vicar coming to lunch is too much for Kenton. He decides lunch at Daphne’s with Kathy is the better option.
  • Marjorie enjoyed her lunch out with Jennifer but she does admit, it’s not the same cooking for one – even though she really wanted to get home she does miss the company at the Laurels.
  • Kenton has clearly developed all of the appalling table manners of Ambridge. But he is really looking forward to moving into the flat over the café. It’s years since he had a place of his own. Kathy thinks there are more important things for the café though – like the state of the waitress. She is hardly the image he wants to project. But Frank the cook is great and good cooks are hard to find. Kenton will want to make sure he keeps him. Kenton is determined not to throw this chance away though – he may only have a 6 month contract but he is determined to make a go of it.

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