Susan is thrilled that Nisha turns out to be Venetia Streatfield. Roy is blaming himself because Hayley may never have her own child because of Phoebe.

Radio Times: Susan rolls out the welcome mat.

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  • Susan is really making a big effort for Nisha. She eventually got Usha to arrange for Auntie Satya to send tamarind from Wolverhampton. They are going to eat in the dining room and Neil even has to wear his new jumper – he has a great time teasing her. But when Chris and Nisha finally turn up, she isn’t quite what they were expecting. Susan can’t believe it. Venetia Streatfield in her house, eating at her table.
  • Helen needed some repairs to her car and thinks it’s some sort of retribution for the accident. Then they have to deliver sausages to Grey Gables and Roy is less than pleasant. Helen just doesn’t think it’s fair on Tom to have to put up with it. It could all even mess up his relationship with Brenda. She still wants to go to the police but Tom says the adult thing to do is to recognise it’s too late.
  • Roy is still puzzled about why Tom drove off after the accident. If he’d been drinking it would make sense but he doesn’t understand. Mike wishes he didn’t have to worry about it, not with all the problems with Hayley. Roy doesn’t want to talk about it. How does Mike think he feels, knowing that Hayley may never have a child of her own because he had a kid with Kate Aldridge.

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