Susan makes her presence felt at the shop. Tom’s Gourmet Grills meet with approval.

Radio Times: Tom shows his culinary flair.

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  • When Tom calls at Brookfield to sort out his order for beef, David persuades him to help re-hang pictures after the great redecoration work. Tom’s none too sure about David’s skills as a paper-hanger, and Pip thinks the choice of paper a total disaster.
  • As Emma gives her mother a hand in the shop, she has a major moan about the difficulty of her life. No-one wants to job-share, Will’s still being awkward about having George regularly, and none of it is her fault, of course.
  • Susan is well into managerial mode at the shop now. When she catches Pip reading a magazine, she tells her it’s not a library, and Pip must buy it or go. Pip goes. Then Susan tells Emma she’s moved the sweets nearer the till, so she can watch for shop-lifting children, and intends to put up a notice saying only two will be allowed in at a time.
  • Tom tries out his burgers on the Brookfield contingent, to rave reviews. Pip is so impressed she wants to cancel her birthday treat at GI Joe’s and have Tom’s burgers instead.
  • Emma seems to be following in her mother’s bossy footsteps when Will brings George back. She shouts rudely at him, then tells Susan it’s all Will’s fault; he’s forever finding fault with her, yet when they were married, he hated arguments. She just can’t win.

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