Susan’s determination to have a showdown with Peggy may backfire.

Radio Times: Lynda masters the art of compromise.

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  • After church, there is a tricky situation for Neil: Susan is bent on speaking to Peggy and it is as much as Neil can do to persuade her that this is not the time or place to discuss Mrs Woolley’s plans for the shop. Lynda doesn’t help by talk of ripping the heart out of the village. When Susan suggests walking “the” footpath again, Lynda is evasive; it might do more harm than good.
  • Seeking a meeting with Brian, Lynda mentions to Jennifer that Susan is upset over hearing indirectly about Peggy’s plans for closing the shop.
  • Meanwhile, Neil argues with Susan long enough for Peggy to escape to her home. When Susan realises this, she is more than a little miffed.
  • For the greater good of the community, Lynda has decided to put aside her principles and accept Brian’s offer of a plot of land. Brian will write up the details for the next PC meeting. Lynda suggests there is no need to mention footpaths!
  • He should have tied her down! Behind Neil’s back, Susan calls at The Lodge to discuss the shop closure. She did not bargain on Jennifer being there; after accusing Susan of haranguing Peggy, Jennifer slams the door in her face. Brian encourages Peggy to put her own interests first and carefully consider the options for the shop; he would manage its conversion to another flat.
  • Neil is disappointed that Susan has ignored his advice (but ’twas ever thus!). Mrs Woolley has not let them down before; they should wait and see.

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