Susan tries to solve Tracy’s problems. Debbie has a solution to Brookfield’s problems.

Radio Times: Susan exercises some diplomacy. Meanwhile David and Ruth think about their future.

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  • At last Susan bites the bullet and suggests to her father that Tracy and the children should move in with him and Gary. It is increasingly obvious that they are incapable of looking after themselves. Bert is not enthusiastic, but when Susan tells him Neil is willing to make alterations to the house to accommodate them all, Bert agrees to speak to Tracy.
  • Jill calls at Brookfield, where Ruth tells her about their worries over the slurry pit repairs. When David comes in, he admits that they are seriously thinking of doing away with the dairy herd. Jill is sympathetic, and tells him that Phil would have understood; he trusted David’s judgement.
  • Neil is none too happy when Susan tells him matters are not yet settled with Bert and Tracy. Like Bert, Neil is not happy to have Brad and Chelsea in the house. But Susan assures him Bert will talk to Tracy when she next goes to see him.
  • Jill tells Ruth about the atmosphere between Debbie and Elizabeth at the panto. Ruth’s comment is that Debbie can be insensitive; she called at Brookfield last night to tell them she had heard they might be getting out of dairying, so might like to reconsider Brian’s offer to provide fodder for the ‘cow factory’. Ruth told her in no uncertain terms that they were definitely not interested.

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