The BL board has to make a major decision. Tracy tries not to make a major decision.

Radio Times: Tracy considers her options and Brian faces a serious challenge.

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  • Brian is in optimistic mood as he and Debbie set off for the BL meeting. He has managed to line up three potential suppliers, so what can possibly go wrong? Debbie is less hopeful after speaking to Adam. Brian dismisses her worries; there is no need to worry about Adam.
  • Following his talk with Susan, Bert asks Tracy if she and the children will move back with him and Gary. Tracy puts up endless objections, but Bert has an answer for them all. Neil will sort out the house, and there will be a garden for the children. Tracy is not sure and refuses to commit to anything. She will sleep on the idea.
  • Debbie addresses the board meeting, telling them that all their initial concerns are without foundation. Brian has three good suppliers lined up, and as they are local, there will be no transport implications. But Debbie’s smooth talking fails to convince Andrew, who voices concerns about Adam’s refusal to go along with the plan. Annabelle adjourns the meeting so that tempers can cool.
  • At the resumed meeting, Andrew asks who will manage the project, and Debbie assures him that she can easily do it from Hungary. Andrew then makes an attack on Brian’s lack of judgement with regard to Adam. Annabelle decides it is time to put the matter to a vote.

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