Tracy is undecided. Adam is bitter. Debbie is anxious.

Radio Times: There is a chill in the air at Home Farm and Neil tries his powers of persuasion.

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  • Tracy announces that she has decided not to move in with her dad after all. The children are happy in their present school, so maybe she will find somewhere to rent in that area. Neil is furious when he hears this
  • As Debbie prepares to return to Hungary, she remains concerned that Adam is so upset about the mega-dairy scheme. Brian thinks Adam is just a spoilt brat.
  • Jenny takes Adam some coffee while he is in the lambing shed. He refuses her offer of coming to Debbie’s farewell lunch – he has nothing to say to Debbie. Jenny tries to reason with him, saying it will have no impact on Home Farm or Adam’s enterprises, but Adam remains convinced that the whole idea is a disaster for Home Farm, the village and the community.
  • When Tracy returns, she comments that her dad really wants her to move back there. She likes Neil’s idea of installing a shower room in the old pantry, and insists that the whole house should be redecorated before she will consider moving. Seeing a glimmer of hope, Neil suggests getting Christopher to help him. Airily, Tracy says she will let them know when she has come to a decision.
  • Adam apologises to his mother for his angry outburst. He had pinned his hopes on the BL board turning it down. He is even more angry that Debbie should try to exploit Brookfield’s current crisis to her own advantage. Jenny begs him to talk to Debbie, but Adam says there is no point; she just refuses to listen.
  • Brian takes Debbie to the airport, and assures her that Adam will come round, but Debbie is not hopeful. She anticipates a furore when the plans are publicised. Brian tells her she has done a wonderful job, but Debbie realises they can no longer afford any glitches.

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