Tracy agrees to move into No.6. Someone has leaked the story of the mega dairy to the Echo.

Radio Times: Brian is caught on the back foot, while Tracy has a plan.

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  • Mike is operating the Christmas tree shredder on the Green. He is wondering if the village is going to do anything for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Brian is getting ready to take Ruairi back to school when he takes a phone call that someone has leaked the story about the mega dairy to the Echo.
  • Tracy and Bert reach an agreement that she will move in on the condition that he makes her a joint tenant on the lease. Nothing is mentioned about involving Gary but Tracy says of course it will always be his home.
  • Jennifer isn’t impressed that Brian wants her to drive Ruairi back to school but he is adamant he has to spend the time drafting a BL statement for the Echo. He is convinced they will run the story as the latest enterprise from the incompetent bunch who were responsible for the failure of the new market. Debbie thinks the publicity campaign could make or break the scheme and the Echo could now derail it before they start. Brian is determined it is a good news story – environmentally sound, creating jobs but he still expects the worst possible spin from the Echo. He can’t get away from the nagging suspicion that someone has blabbed – although how else the Echo could have found out short of telepathy does rather make that a fact rather than a suspicion!
  • Mike’s idea is that the village should plant a Jubilee Oak for the occasion. Apparently saplings from acorns from the royal estates are being made available. An oak in the churchyard would be an excellent spot for wildlife. Neil agrees to raise it at the parish council.
  • Tracy tells Neil she has agreed to move into No.6. Neil is a bit doubtful but agrees he will start on the work needed at the weekend.

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