Brian still can’t find the source of the Echo leak.

Radio Times: David tackles an unpopular job and Brian wants answers.

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  • David is trying to avoid doing the NVZ records by doing any other job and complaining about the state of the notebook with the records in. He then distracts himself even more for looking at a different sort of storage system since they can’t make the lagoon badger proof.
  • Jennifer is struggling to find a birthday present for Pat and is a bit anxious that the family won’t behave. Lilian has gone to a lot of trouble by apparently booking some caterers. Those phone calls are really hard work. Brenda explains that she and Tom are working through a range of potential pork based ready meals – Chili con Pork today. But maybe not so much chili! Tom wonders if Tony could be prepared to grow chilis to use themselves.
  • Brian is fed up about the Echo story. Even Annabelle is really depressed. Jennifer tries to distract him with talks of presents for Nolly and Pat but he’s not interested. He decides he needs to “bring David up to speed” on it all. Brian suggests the leak must have come from one of the farmers David has spoken to. David thinks he’ll never find out and it wouldn’t help if he did. Brian will just have to move on.

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