Will and Nic change the name of their cottage to Greenwood Cottage.

Radio Times: The new Mrs Grundy asserts herself and Pat takes a trip down memory lane.

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  • Nic and William are back from their holiday and are feeling the cold. Her first thought is to change the name of the cottage which really doesn’t suit Casa Nueva. Will agrees and carries her over the threshold. They settle on Greenwood Cottage as a reminder of their honeymoon on Cape Verde. He should have changed it years ago.
  • Lilian has been looking at some old photos for Pat’s party but she’s having trouble working out who is who. Lilian is annoyed to find Pat is working on her birthday but Tony says it can’t be helped since Tom has cried off the milking. He is finding a bit weary after such a difficult year but Pat says she is getting excited about the launch. Helen has some plans for food and music – maybe a guitarist. It should be great.
  • The party goes remarkably well and everyone has a disappointingly good time!

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