Tracy has encouraged Bert to sign a letter about the tenancy – unread.

Radio Times: Tom tucks in, and it is all change for Jake and Mia.

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  • Tom is clearly suffering after the party – they didn’t leave until 3.00am. But at least it went well. Pat had a ball though even if Tony was a bit tired. Tom used it as an opportunity to think about more ready meals based on the caterers’ canapés. And Brenda’s interpretation of it is just what the ready meals market has been waiting for it seems! Still no luck from the restaurants he has visited recently though.
  • There aren’t any places for Tracy’s children at Loxley Barratt. They’ll have to be driven every day. Tracy seems to think Gary will be a good taxi service as long as Tracy pays for the petrol. Neil is planning on the start of the renovations and has done the measuring up. And Tracy has managed to draft the letter about the tenancy …… which Bert doesn’t read before he signs.
  • Clarrie finds Will carving a new name for the cottage. A more appropriate name. They are also enjoying opening their new wedding presents. Makes a difference that Nic has chosen it rather than Emma. Will had apparently offered the previous wedding presents back to Emma who was less than impressed. Clarrie suggest Eddie could sell it for them at a car boot sale.
  • Jake and Mia tell Clarrie that they have decided they want to be called Grundy now that Nic has changed her name. Clarrie suggests it might be a good time for them to start calling her Grandma and she is thrilled when they happily agree.

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