The village gets to hear about the mega dairy and most opinion is not in favour.

Radio Times: Tongues are wagging about the latest news and Tom is full of ideas.

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  • Pat is furious to see the Echo and the Brian has been keeping the mega dairy under wraps. How could they contemplate such a thing? She is at least pleased that Adam doesn’t want to be involved. Jim is shocked too. But he is just as interested in getting Alan to run the promises auction in aid of Britain in Bloom.
  • Tom suggests more exotic crops for the polytunnels which might make more profit. Tony thinks they should stick with what they know. Tom seems less keen on making up his missed milking slots though.
  • All anyone wants to talk about at the Parish Council is the mega dairy. Even Lynda, in bed with flu, has rung Neil to demand they condemn it in the strongest possible terms. But they have to discuss the launch of the green burial ground and agree it will be in three weeks time.
  • Plans for the launch are going well. Canapés from their own cheese, Tom will get Brenda to do the party version of the pork meatballs and red pepper sauce. But Pat doesn’t want to do the opening speech.
  • Mike surprises Tom by not being against the dairy. As far as he can tell, the cows seem to be quite happy in similar set ups.

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