Taylor tells his story in court. Usha and Alan prepare to tell theirs to the congregation.

Radio Times: Taylor takes to the stand.

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  • Back in Ambridge, life goes on; David is busy with repairs on the farm and Jill has managed to get the details of Phil’s present without too much suspicion. Usha is coming to tea; is this a new crisis?
  • Now the tables are turned: first gentle questioning from the defence counsel to set out his story that the sex was consensual.
  • Usha has a Victorian ring to show off and they plan to marry at St Stephens in August; Rachel will take the service and there will be some Hindu prayers. Usha still hopes that Satya will come, having made her point, but Mabel won’t come. Alan will announce the wedding at the church AGM next week.
  • The prosecution is more aggressive, starting with his succession of names and the reasons for the changes: Gareth Taylor, Owen King, Alex Wallace and latterly Marcus Dixon. He had been forced into the changes by the women in his life; he is the victim here. He vehemently claims that he did not rape Kathy; the sex was consensual, although it was, as the prosecutor points out on the cold and dirty floor of the village hall. He also points out the similarity with the rape of Claire Richardson, in a changing room. Taylor however maintains that both women are lying.

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