The trial ends but we still wait on the verdict.

Radio Times: It’s the moment of truth for Elizabeth.

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  • Sid must be fitter than I thought: he has been running with Alice and managed to talk as well. But he missed a call from Kathy who reported that the prosecution had shown up Owen’s arrogance and really got him wound up. It took a long time, so Elizabeth was not called yesterday.
  • Today, though, it is Elizabeth’s turn; of course she is a reluctant defence witness and the questioning from the defence counsel seems rather aggressive – desperately trying to extract something favourable from ‘their’ witness and cutting her short before she can say more, something damaging perhaps. The prosecution counsel allows her to be more positive about the fact that there were no clear signs of a relationship between Owen and Kathy – only speculation.
  • At The Bull, Jolene has spilled the beans about the trial to Phil and Jill; they had no idea that Kathy was more than another witness – actually a rape victim. They are upset that Kenton shouldered this burden on his own. So now Jolene has to find the right time to tell Kathy and Kenton about this leak – certainly not while they are waiting for the verdict.
  • They must wait a while longer. The jury cannot reach a decision today and have been sent home for the weekend.

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