Temperatures rise in the village hall but not everyone is opposed to the new houses.

Radio Times: An argument develops.

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  • Betty and Siobhán are in the shop and are discussing the public meeting about the housing development, to be held tonight. It’s obvious that Jolene and Siobhán are pulling in opposite directions. Jolene thinks that anything that’ll bring more people to the Bull is to be welcomed. Siobhán says snobbily that the sort of people that live in executive houses with double garages don’t drink in pubs!
  • Jennifer, strangely, is giving Debbie a hand with worming the deer. She sympathises with Debbie over her recent workload – Debbie is sounding very tired. However, Jennifer surmises that the workload will be lighter during June, won’t it? Debbie immediately takes the bait – they’re not thinking of going on holiday are they? Blithely Jennifer prattles on about their plans for a jaunt to S.A. Debbie sounds absolutely flabbergasted that her father has agreed to go ….. but not for the same reason as Jennifer, one suspects.
  • Mike and Betty are in the Bull at lunchtime, Mike having a good moan about his lack of work. Jolene sympathises, they haven’t made up trade at the Bull either. But Mike has more to worry about – he tells Betty that Roy came round in a flap this morning to tell him of the Aldridges’ plans to take Phoebe to S.A. Betty is incredulous. Trust Jennifer and Brian to go and wind everyone up ten days before the wedding.
  • In the village hall, Jennifer is taking plenty of flak from her fellow villagers – most of it to do with Brian’s absence from the meeting. She defends him staunchly however. Shula speaks up, representing Brookfield as well as herself. Jill is firmly against the development, but Shula is less trenchant in her views……she would opt for a modified plan, fewer houses perhaps. Mike however puts his case very strongly. His children have no chance of staying in the village with property prices the way they are. Ambridge needs to be dragged into the 21st century. After all, he reminds Siobhán (who is campaigning against the school closure) 38 new houses would bring 38 families.
  • Back in the Bull Shula meets Debbie – waiting for Simon yet again and sounding despondent. Debbie is ‘down’ about the Borchester Mills closure…. how didn’t she see it coming? Mike and Betty come in and the talk turns to the meeting; there’s to be a call for a formal meeting with the council, and probably a petition. Jolene is cross, she knew she should have gone to put the other point of view. Shula tells Debbie that the whole thing has personal implications for her, as Jill and Phil won’t buy Glebe Cottage if the housing development goes ahead. Then David and Ruth won’t get Brookfield, and she won’t be able to buy the stables. They’ll all be back at square one!

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