Kathy moves into April cottage and Ed pulls off a patio deal.

Radio Times: April Cottage hosts a riotous assembly.

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  • Oliver is talking to Ed who has finished the digging though has not been studying enough – he wants another job. Oliver wants Ed’s father to so some patio laying.
  • Kathy is moving into April Cottage. Clarrie tells Eddie and Joe that they should be good neighbours and go over. Ed comes in at that point and gets a ticking off from his mother for not doing revision and he should take a leaf out of Fallon’s book.
  • Later Eddie recommends to his son that he ought to get home before his mother and then he wouldn’t get ticked off. He is not going to do the Oliver job as it used to be his land.
  • There are no chairs in April Cottage yet. Kathy wonders whether Eddie is any good with flat-pack furniture because she can’t get the bunk bed together as she cannot understand the instructions. Cup of tea is needed – Joe is sent off to get their garden chairs to tide Kathy over.
  • Ed tells Oliver that Eddie is not interested in the job but he could do it. Oliver says it is too big a job with too much debris to be removed to the dump; Ed can’t drive and the whole thing will have to be dug over. Of course Ed has used a rotovator before! It would also clash with his exams but in the end Ed convinces him he can do the work.
  • Eddie is talking to Joe while they are putting the bunk bed up saying that he doesn’t really trust that Oliver and wouldn’t work for him – nothing to do with it being Grange Farm though – Joe can’t bear to go round Grange Farm now. 38 houses are going to be built – apparently there had been a good attendance at last night’s meeting. They finally heave the mattress into position but there are two big bolts left over – Eddie says they can’t be vital. Clarrie comes in and says maybe the ladder should be bolted on?
  • It took four hours to put the bed up but Kathy is very grateful. It’s just not how she had imagined her first night in her new home would be – it would have been her 14th wedding anniversary this week. They open the organic wine that Pat has given Kathy – Eddie never travels without his penknife with corkscrew attachment. They drink a toast in mugs – here’s to Kathy – and to good neighbours.

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