The Brookfield siege ends. Hayley cannot help worrying about Phoebe’s trip to South Africa.

Radio Times: Hayley tears out her hair.

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  • Looking into the mouths of sheep! Some folk have all the fun. It has to be done, though, because David and Ruth are close to a decision on lifting the siege. It would make it easier to talk to Debbie about taking over the arable in the Autumn; she had phoned, but it cannot really be done over the phone.
  • Roy would hate a stripper at his stag night but Tom wouldn’t do anything to embarrass him, well not much anyway. Roy has booked the honeymoon but to keep it a surprise he will need to pack Hayley’s clothes – the right ones for London. He needs to talk to Brenda. Hayley dashes in and out unexpectedly and is clearly in a bit of a state.
  • Kathy calls at Bridge Farm with flowers and a request to borrow a casserole dish, one of many things she hasn’t got yet. It will take more than flowers to smooth Tony: Tom forgot the switch on the electric fence and the rabbits have been at the lettuces. They have lost the whole main crop.
  • Betty also senses that Hayley is a bit stressed; maybe she is nervous about the wedding. When she has gone, Roy gets to the root of the problem. Since learning about Phoebe’s trip to South Africa, Hayley cannot shut out a little speck of doubt that Kate will contrive to keep her there. The result is that silly little problems, like organising her hen night and finding a hairdresser on her wedding day, are getting on top of her. Roy applies TLC.
  • The Brookfield cattle are fine, the sheep are clear and there have been no new foot and mouth cases locally. Open the gates! They will lift the siege and let life get back to normal, although they will still have to be careful. David’s invitation for a drink at the Bull tonight is the best offer Ruth has had for 8 weeks.

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